Budgetary Control

Budgetary control functions are used to create, manage, and maintain approved budgets. The budget information stored in AFIS can be used to track and/or limit spending. In AFIS, Budgetary Control encompasses several functions and features: 

  • Budget Controls: rules that are put in place to validate activity on budget and accounting documents and enforce expenditure controls
  • Budget Structures: determine the type of budget and are made of increasing levels of Chart of Accounts detail
  • Budget Documents: used in AFIS to enter and modify budget lines, or individual records within a specific budget level
  • Budget Queries: pages that display detailed information for each budget, level, and line as well as an audit trail of budget updates

Please Note: Before registering for the Virtual Course you must complete the prerequisites CBT - Budgetary Control Basics. 

The following resources listed below will assist with processing and navigation for Budgetary Control:

Document Name Video Link Last Updated
Allotment Adjustment Requests 09-01-2018
Budgetary Control Training Guide 11-01-2021