Cost Accounting

Cost Accounting is the process of accumulating, analyzing, and reporting cost information related to grants, projects programs, and jobs. Cost Accounting activities range in scope from State-funded operational programs to Federally-funded grants and highway construction projects. The lifecycle of an activity may span a few months to several years. Cost Accounting in AFIS includes:

  • Setting up cost structures after being awarded a grant or starting a project
  • Tracking grant and projects
  • Generating receivables for reimbursement from external funding sources
  • Receiving revenues
  • Reclassifying grant and project transactions if funding sources change over the lifecycle of the project or grant

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The following resources listed below will assist with processing and navigation for Cost Accounting:

Document Name Video Link Last Updated
Cost Accounting Training Guide 09-19-2019
Federal Grants Refresher Training 08-21-2022