Grant Lifecycle Management

Grant Lifecycle Management (GLM) processes will enable State agencies to track and administer various activities involved with relevant grant opportunities prior to, upon, and after receiving the grant award. It is closely integrated with the AFIS Cost Accounting functionality. GLM allows users to view the global lifecycle of a grant from identifying an opportunity through to the audit and close-out stages, allowing for the analysis and tracking of funding streams. The GLM module can function as a tool for Grant Managers, Project Managers, and Fiscal Officers to manage and track funds throughout grants’ life cycles.

Grant Lifecycle Management:

  • Provides a global view of grant opportunities, potential grant revenue, and grant statuses
  • Facilitates grant opportunity, application, award, and incremental amendment tracking at all organization levels
  • Identifies patterns for lost grant dollars or failures to win competitive awards

The following resources listed below will assist with processing and navigation for Grant Lifecycle Management: