Benefits of BREAZ

Greater Government Transparency and Accountability

  • Supply budgetary controls at an enhanced level of granularity
  • Support the data warehouse and dashboards for decision-making
  • Provide an audit trail of data entry and processing activities
  • Establish tools for financial performance and accountability for agency management
  • Allow for transparent reporting that is readily available to the right resources


Standard Business Processes Across the State

  • Enhance the ability to standardize policies and procedures
  • Support consistent policies, procedures, and uniform skill sets across agencies
  • Effectively manage the transformation of the State’s business processes


Modern Technology Platform

  • Standardize systems to allow automation of business processes
  • Introduce the use of new tools and techniques
  • Empower agencies through real time data and business intelligence tools


Operational Efficiences

  • Provide real time transaction processing
  • Automate as many manual paper-based processes as possible
  • Eliminate redundancies in disparate systems and data
  • Adopt industry standards
  • Support electronic routing and approval
  • Ensure continuity of operations
  • Provide one system of record