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Federal & Cost Accounting

The GAO Federal and Cost Accounting Team (FCAT) compiles and prepares several statewide reports, performs operational activities and monitoring in the statewide accounting system as well as provides support for state agencies in a variety of areas.

This page provides guidance and resources related to Federal and Cost Accounting processes.

Federal and Cost Accounting includes:

  • Automated Overhead Rate Processing
  • Federal Offsets
  • Automated Reimbursement Processing
  • Grants Lifecycle Management (GLM)
  • Cash Management Improvement Act (CMIA)
  • Single Audit and Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA)
  • Cost Allocation
  • Statewide Cost Allocation Plan (SWCAP)
  • Cost Structures

Federal & Cost Accounting Resources

Document Type Document Name Last Updated
Executive Memorandum M-21-20 03-19-2021
Quick Reference Guide (QRG) Create a CAM - Add a Program Period 10-10-2023
Quick Reference Guide (QRG) Create a CAM - Modify a Program Period (PPC) 10-10-2023
Quick Reference Guide (QRG) Federal Closing Package Quick Reference Guide 06-03-2024
Quick Reference Guide (QRG) Monthly Financial Review - Grants 02-15-2022
Quick Reference Guide (QRG) Overview and Navigation of Grant Lifecycle Management (GLM) 01-05-2024
Quick Reference Guide (QRG) Process a Grant Close - Out Revision Transaction (GTCOR) 01-04-2024
Quick Reference Guide (QRG) Process a Grant Close - Out Transaction (GTCO) 10-10-2023
Reference Document A Resource to Combat Waste Fraud and Abuse 09-01-2020
Reference Document CAP & SSPAF Guidance for State Agencies 07-24-2018
Reference Document CMIA & TSA Overview 03-28-2019
Reference Document Cost Accounting Setup Document versus a Cost Accounting Modification Document 06-13-2019
Reference Document Grant Tracking within a Cost Structure 07-17-2019
Reference Document Helpful Cost Accounting Acronyms 03-28-2019