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"The GAO is committed to providing excellent service to our citizens, clients, vendors, and employees." - D. Clark Partridge, State Comptroller

Welcome to the Arizona General Accounting Office (GAO)

The General Accounting Office (GAO) is responsible for establishing Statewide accounting policies and procedures, managing the Arizona Financial Information System (AFIS), administering the Statewide Payroll through the Human Resources Information Solution (HRIS), preparing the Statewide Financial Reports, and providing technical assistance and other management advisory services.

Mission Statement

To provide State and Federal agencies, the general public, and other interested public or private entities with accurate and timely financial services, management information, and technical assistance while assuring compliance with related statutes and rules; to maintain and improve the Statewide automated financial systems; and to provide for the safeguarding of State assets.


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State of Arizona FY 2015 Single Audit and Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA) Deadlines

The General Accounting Office (GAO) has worked with the Auditor General’s Office regarding the FY 2015 Single Audit and Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA) deadlines. Please refer to the dates listed below and plan accordingly:

August 31, 2015

Summary Schedule of Prior Audit Findings and Questioned Costs are due from agencies to the GAO and the Auditor General’s Office. This applies to agencies that had Single Audit Findings in the Single Audit FY 2014 report.

Processing Wire Transactions in New AFIS

The new AFIS system has the capability of processing wire transactions that are initiated by an agency and approved by the State Treasurer’s Office (STO), through the use of the MDWT1 document.  This process is automated and does not require the issuance of a warrant to be taken to the STO.

Agency Payroll Guide updates posted.

GAO Central Payroll has posted some Agency Payroll Guide updates. View the updated Agency Payroll Guide by going to the GAO website and clicking “PAYROLL / RASL”, then selecting “Payroll Guide”. You can view a list of updates and when they were made by clicking “Revision History” at the top of the Agency Payroll Guide.


The Vendor Payment Search web site is now functional.

The Vendor Payment Search web site is now functional.  Thank you for your patience.


Process for Payments to ADOA

With the implementation of the new AFIS on July 7, the process for paying ADOA has changed.  The ITI/ITA inter-agency transfer process will be used to pay ADOA invoices.  The document code for ADOA billing will be ITIAD. 

Please refer to the memorandum posted on the GAO website at for more detailed instructions about this process.

ITIAD Process to ADOA Customer Memo

Employment Eligibility Verification - Social Security Number Discrepancies

Administrative Adjustments and Capital Projects

FY2016 Back of the Bill Items and Adjustments

Agencies are now able to enter their FY2016 Back of the Bill Items and Adjustments based on the Joint Legislative Budget Committee Crosswalk of General Appropriation Act to Appropriations Report Totals.  Agency allocations can be found in the FY 2016 Appropriations Report, in the ‘Crosswalk of General Appropriation Act to Appropriations Report Totals,’ pages 438 - 450.        

FY16 Back of the Bill Items and Adjustments must be processed as follows:

Vendor/Customer Address Changes in AFIS

Currently the Vendor/Customer Modification (VCMD1) is not working for changing addresses. All address changes that need to be made directly in AFIS will need to be routed to [email protected] until further notice.  If an address needs to be added, the VCMD1 document should still be initiated by the agency.  For vendors in ProcureAZ, the vendor should make address changes directly in ProcureAZ.

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