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Training Registration


To register for a training course log in to the employee learning portal to view the selection of courses. Then, select the course and register for the next available session.

Note classes are offered through a virtual platform in Google Meets, as well as through computer based trainings (CBTs). If an attendee is more than 10 minutes late to a virtual training course, the attendee will need to reschedule the course through the employee learning portal.

Prerequisites for training courses are associated to the course in the employee learning portal. Plan and register for all required training based on the security role user maintenance document (UDOC). The prerequisite courses are required to be completed before users can register for training courses.

State employees who are assigned an employee identification number (EIN) by the State of Arizona are able to access the employee learning portal through Your Employee Services (Y.E.S.).

Contractors, volunteers, and all other non-state employees are to contact their agency's training representative for access to the employee learning portal.

Class registration closes 48 hours before the course start time at 3:00 p.m. All registration or cancellations must be completed prior to 3:00 p.m. If a user needs to register or cancel outside of this time frame, contact [email protected].

Prior to receiving initial system access, the user must complete the foundational CBT(s) for the system the user will be using (as shown in the table below). Once initial access is received, the user has a 60 - 90 day grace period to complete the remainder of the required training. The grace period ends at the end of the second month following receipt of access. 

For example, if the user receives access anytime in January, the grace period would conclude at the end of March. Training must be completed by the end of the grace period in order to retain system access. All completed courses will be viewed in the employee learning portal transcript.

To cancel/unregister for a training course, the user is to log in to the employee learning portal to view selected courses. Then the user is to select the course and find the registered session. Lastly, click "DROP OUT" to remove the user's name from the course roster.

Foundational Courses and Security Roles

Users are to complete the following foundational courses for the system to which they require access. After the foundational courses are completed, proceed to step 2.

System Course Code Course Name
AZ360 Financial GAOWEB_S

GAO Website Tutorial Overview

AZ360 Financial AZ360F_Foundations1

Foundations - Part 1

AZ360 Financial AZ360F_Foundations2

Foundations - Part 2

AZ360 Financial AZ360F_Foundations3

Foundations - Part 3

AZ360 Financial AZ360F_Foundations4

Foundations - Part 4

APP Accounts Payable ADAPPAB100W

Arizona Procurement Portal Application Basics

APP Accounts Payable APP_Invoice_Payment

APP Invoice Payment

Once a user completes and passes the required foundational CBT courses, then a request for system security roles (UDOC) can be submitted to have additional roles. The document below is a table that lists the required training by security role.

Document Name Last Updated
Required Training by User Role 04-08-2024