1099-MISC FIN-AZ-AP-N176i Report for Calendar Year 2015

The 1099-MISC report, FIN-AZ-AP-N176i, is in the process of being updated.  This report pertains to New AFIS reportable payments for the second half of Calendar Year 2015. 

The DAFM953U, which pertains to Legacy AFIS reportable payments for the first half of Calendar Year 2015, and the FIN-AZ-AP-N176e, which pertains to reportable payments from the interfacing agencies for Calendar Year 2015 are fine to review and do not need to be updated by the GAO.

We will notify you via another web story once the FIN-AZ-AP-N176i is updated and ready for agency review.  It’s anticipated the updated report will be ready by the end of the week.

Patricia Ferreira