infoAdvantage Fiscal Year-End Tips

Fiscal year-end (FYE) brings an increased user demand on infoAdvantage (infoADV); longer run times around July are expected. However, users can still obtain data by following these tips:

  • Use the recommended internet browser. Use Edge (version 97 or higher). Do not use Chrome nor Internet Explorer (IE); both of these browsers are not as compatible with infoAdvantage.
  • The General Accounting Office (GAO) recommends scheduling the report. Follow the Schedule Reports in infoAdvantage instructions on the GAO Training Resources web page ( under Quick Reference Guides (QRG). Select the functional area of Financial Reporting.
  • Narrow down the size of the data. Limit the data run in the report by narrowing down the prompts.
    • For instance, run only one fiscal year (FY) or accounting period (APD) at a time.
    • Neither run nor try to export huge data sets. Rather, limit the data to a reasonable size and combine the "parts" outside of infoADV if needed. Know that no new data can post to a fiscal year after the fiscal year is hard-closed; it is not necessary to run and download data again for those years.
  • Run the report once. Do not run the same report/prompts more than one time in succession. This will not expedite report processing and only burdens the system making the problem worse. If a user does not obtain data as quickly as one normally would, be patient and wait.
  • If a user obtains data, but the data is still too large to export, use input controls or filter bar filters to narrow down the data set and export the data in smaller sets. Then combine the data outside of infoADV.

Contact [email protected] if there are any questions or concerns.

GAO Reporting Team
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