SAAM Additions and Updates, Effective December 23, 2015

Updated Sections of the State of Arizona Accounting Manual (SAAM) listed below have been posted to /publications/saam

Updated SAAM Sections
0510 Internal Controls: Internal Controls by Process Emphasizes the need for certain reconciliations.
2010 Current Assets: Cash and Cash Receipts Requires that unidentifiable overages be deposited to the general fund using revenue source 4699.
2020 Current Assets: Accounts Receivable and Billing Clarifies that billing should be done within thirty days after the amount due is known and collectible.
2040 Current Assets: Inventories Specifies that duties related to receiving should be segregated from purchasing and payment functions.
5005 Travel: General Travel Principles and Policies Emphasizes that receipts are needed unless specifically exempted by statute or other sections of policy.
5015 Travel: Travel by Individually Operated Motor Vehicle Details references to related sections of policy.
5530 Payroll and Personnel: Military Emergency Differential Pay Updates an Internet link.
5571 Payroll and Personnel: Employment Eligibility Verification – Social Security Number Discrepancies Updates an Internet link.

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Greg Vokoun