SAAM Additions and Updates, Effective March 14, 2016

New, updated or newly finalized Sections, if any, of the State of Arizona Accounting Manual (SAAM) listed below have been posted to /publications/saam.

New or updated Draft Sections, if any, have been posted to /publications/saam/saam-draft.

Agencies are requested to review any new Drafts within sixty (60) days of posting and send their comments to [email protected].

New Final SAAM Sections (Original Postings and Finalized Drafts)
5570 Payroll and Personel: Social Security Number (SSN) Verification for State Employees Provides information on procedures relating to SSN Verificiation.
9025 Special Topics: Accounting for Cost and Revenue Recoveries Provides instructions related to the proper accounting for cost and revenue recoveries made by a recovery contractor. 

Comments, corrections, complaints and compliments should be emailed to [email protected].  Please include the number of the SAAM section and relevant paragraph(s) (SAAM NNNN-nn.nn.nn) in the subject line.  


Greg Vokoun