SAAM Additions and Updates, Effective May 12, 2016

New, updated or newly finalized Sections, if any, of the State of Arizona Accounting Manual (SAAM) listed below have been posted to /publications/saam.

New or updated Draft Sections, if any, have been posted to /publications/saam/saam-draft. Agencies are requested to review any new Drafts within sixty (60) days of posting and send their comments to [email protected].

New Final SAAM Sections (Original Postings and Finalized Drafts)

Accounting Transactions and Structures

Cost Accounting Structures: Certain Uses and Reconciliations

Discusses the use of cost accounting structures for particular purposes.

Payroll and Personnel

Key Date Fields in HRIS

Communicates the way four key dates must be used in HRIS.  Requires retroactive correction when dates have been inappropriately used.
Updated SAAM Sections

Payroll and Personnel

Time Reporting

Establishes the dates upon which board or commission member attendance fees are to be recorded.

Comments, corrections, complaints and compliments should be emailed to [email protected].  Please include the number of the SAAM section and relevant paragraph(s) (SAAM NNNN-nn.nn.nn) in the subject line.

Greg Vokoun