SAAM Additions, Updates and Drafts as of December 5, 2016

New or updated Sections, if any, of the State of Arizona Accounting Manual (SAAM) listed below have been posted to /publications/saam.

New SAAM Drafts, if any, have been posted to /publications/saam/saam-draft.

Drafts are posted for comment and do not reflect policy statements that are in effect. Agencies are requested to review any Drafts within sixty (60) days of initial posting and send their comments to [email protected].

Updated SAAM Section(s)
2011 Current Assets: Imprest Funds, Revolving Funds and Petty Cash Consistent with statutory changes, eliminates the requirements that the GAO receive approval from the JLBC for approving revolving fund requests in excess of $50,000.
2561 Long-lived Resources: Disposals of Fixed Assets Discusses the disposal of certain fixed assets that do not require the filing of Form SP-101.
5025 Travel: Meals and Incidentals Adds/modifies/clarifies the following paragraphs (new enumeration): 12.1.2; 12.1.3; 12.1.4; 13.7; 17; 17.1; 17.2; 25; and 31.
5095 Travel: Maximum Mileage, Lodging , Meal, Parking and Incidental Expense Reimbursement Rates Minor clarifications in paragraphs 8 and 9.
New SAAM Section(s) (moved from draft)
5026 Travel: Incidentals and Other Travel-related Expenses Discusses incidental expenses that may be reimbursed and those that may not. 
New SAAM Draft(s)
8010 Miscellaneous: Food and Beverages at State-sponsored Events Discusses the limitations relating to the provision of food or drink at State-sponsored events.
8012 Miscellaneous: Food and beverages at Certain Exercises and/or Training Activities Discusses the limitations relating to the provision of food or drink at training exercises.

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