SAAM Additions, Updates and Drafts as of September 18, 2017

New or updated Sections, if any, of the State of Arizona Accounting Manual (SAAM) listed below have been posted to /publications/saam.

New SAAM Drafts, if any, have been posted to /publications/saam/saam-draft.

New SAAM Section(s)
0035 General Information: Communication with Taxing Authorities Establishes policy for agencies communicating with taxing authorities.
5510 Payroll and Personnel: Self-Entry and/or Approval of Certain Transactions Relating to Compensation Prohibits employees from approving certain actions related to their  own compensation.
Updated SAAM Section(s)
4016 Revenues and Receipts: Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Clarifies and/or expands upon certain requirements.
5051 Travel: Employee Travel Card (ETC) Clarifies the limitation of use of the ETC.
New SAAM Draft Section(s)
4035 Revenues and Receipts: P-Card and Travel Card Incentives: Collection Distribution and Accounting Will, if and when finalized, increase from $500 to $5,000 the threshold for distributing P-Card and Travel Card incentives to agencies.

Drafts are posted for comment and do not reflect policy statements that are in effect. Agencies are requested to review any Drafts within sixty (60) days of initial posting and send their comments to [email protected].