Travel Policy computer based training (CBT)

A computer based training (CBT) is available to provide training about the State’s travel policy.  It can be located on TraCorp under the course ID “TRVPOL” or found by searching on “Travel.”  It is highly recommended that all who travel, approve travel for others, or those who make travel arrangements should take this training.   


To register for this course in TraCorp:

  1. Visit YES at
    Sign in with your Username (your Employee ID Number) and your password.
    Click on “Employee Training” under the “Home” tab in the leftmost column.
  2. Then, click on “My Training” under the “Employee Training” tab.
    This will launch the TraCorp Learning Platform
  3. If you have not logged in to the new Learning Management Site before, you will need to use your EIN and initial password of “NewUser1” on the first login.  Once in, you must change your password before proceeding.
  4. Once logged in, at the top click “Library”
  5. In the search on the left enter “Travel
  6. Click on “TRVPOL Travel Policy Training”.
  7. Then, under Upcoming Sessions, select the “Assign and Launch”.
  8. You be asked to Confirm if you want to assign the training.  After clicking Yes, the CBT will begin.

A registration help guide can be found here.


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Author: Christy Kramer

Date: 05-06-20