Facilities Management - TRIRIGA

Facilities Management supports facility operations and maintenance, project management, space reservation, site planning, and contract management. 

The Facilities Management application is called TRIRIGA. TRIRIGA is a web-based system that integrates real estate, capital projects, facilities, operations, portfolio data, and energy management in a single web platform. Each of these components is presented as a portal that contains all of the related tables, forms, and menus for that business function. TRIRIGA also provides the ability to interface with other State applications, including AFIS, for accounting and purchasing.

User roles play a key part in the software interface by controlling what portals and pages a user can access. Many aspects of the environment can be customized to a user’s personal needs.

Single statewide system and process for tracking and managing facilities lease and contract data.
Centralized repository and tracking of facility conditions from baseline to major restoration.
Centralized and structured platform for requesting, planning, and executing preventative and corrective maintenance.
Centralized system for facilities space utilization management and tracking.
Centralized system for planning and coordinating move management.
Centralized system for tracking and maintaining building equipment.
Facilities maintenance cost savings due to proactive management of maintenance work.

During an earlier phase of the project, the BREAZ Team reviewed all 188 To Be business processes and prioritized the top 23 processes that emerged as most critical to be understood and appropriately executed by end users at Go-Live. Included below are the key Facilities Management (TRIRIGA) processes that fell in this category.

To Be Process ID To Be Process Name
FM-TB-005 Manage Real Estate Payments
FM-TB-013 Create Corrective Maintenance Work Task
FM-TB-015 Perform Work Task