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All Agency Memoranda

The General Accounting Office (GAO) will periodically issue All Agency Memoranda to inform the state agencies of the upcoming events, updated procedures, new policies, or changes to the existing policies. These memoranda will be the mechanism used by the GAO to document official GAO notifications. The memoranda will be dated, signifying the date the memo was issued.

For questions regarding the issued memoranda, contact the GAO Agency Liaison. For a listing of the GAO Agency Liaisons, visit the Contact Us page and select the GAO Agency Liaison Contacts document.

Memoranda will be issued in various formats, including PDF, Word, and/or Excel. Only memoranda not issued in PDF will display the application type in the title. For memoranda issued in PDF format, it is required to have a PDF viewer installed on the machine or on the network to view these bulletins. To download the most recent version of PDF, click here for the free Adobe Acrobat reader.